Wedding Planning Tips
from Wedding Photographers

The tips below have all been submitted by wedding photographers! Wedding photographers truly see a wedding day in its entirety- the good, the bad, what worked, what didn't... We hope these tips give you a good inside look into how to learn from others and make your day the best it can be!  


Your bouquets matter.

The colors of your bouquets matter in contrast to your bridesmaids gowns! Don't forget to provide your florist with the color of your dresses & ties to make sure everything goes well together!


ENJOY your reception!

Relax, eat, and enjoy your reception! Don't worry about all the tiny details- this is why you've hired people. So that you can sit back, trust that everything will get done, and simply have fun at your reception!


The morning of the wedding is important!

The morning of the wedding day goes much faster than you think. Be sure to allow enough time for the small things like makeup touch-ups, traffic, and eating!